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Private Financing

“The problem in America isn’t so much what people don’t know; the problem is what people think they know that just ain’t so!”—Will Rogers

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When it comes to finances, there are many commonly held beliefs that simply are not true. For example, many people think the only way to improve their savings is to either get a greater return on their investments (taking on more risk), or to reduce their lifestyle expenses. We are happy to report there is a better way.

What if you could:

  • Recover the interest expenses you pay to finance cars and other major purchases?
  • Recover the “lost fortune” on the money you needlessly give to financial institutions for your purchases?
  • Do this on a tax-free basis?

If you could, then would you?

You can if you learn to structure your own “Private Financing System.”

Based on the “Infinite Banking Concept ™” developed by R. Nelson Nash, and his book Becoming Your Own Banker, your Private Financing System is a wealth-building financial system enabling you to:

  • Build a safe financial plan with predictable retirement income for your lifetime, even on a tax-free basis, without riding the rollercoasters of the stock market and real estate market;
  • Finance your business vehicles and equipment in a way that returns all your principal and interest payments to you to be used over and over again in a growing pool of capital;
  • Purchase family cars and other big-ticket items, and recover your payments plus interest while building your nest egg;
  • Fund your kids’ education, while growing your retirement assets;
  • Gain liquidity, use, and control of your money on your own terms by being your own source of financing, eliminating financial institutions from the picture;
  • Let your dollars multi-task by financing your lifestyle wants while still building your retirement assets!

Learn key financial strategies, and how to implement them, so that you can increase your future wealth and your lifestyle simultaneously. Learn to build wealth with safety. By combining simple financial strategies with sophisticated technology, Sage Wealth Solutions helps clients eliminate debt well ahead of schedule, and build wealth using private financing strategies that banks have used for hundreds of years.


What it does

This circle represents all the money you have and will have. We have broken it down into three “categories” of money. The first category, accumulated money, is what you have saved and are currently saving. The second category is lifestyle money. The last category, transferred money, is money you may be transferring, unknowingly and unnecessarily, out of your circle of wealth for things such as how you pay for your home, taxes, how you fund your retirement plan, how you send your kids to college, and expenses like credit cards and car payments. Studies have shown that Americans, on average, transfer between 30-70% of their income due to taxes and interest on debt. If we can help you find money that you may be transferring away, unknowingly and unnecessarily, and bring it back to your circle to be applied to one of the other categories, is that a conversation worth having?

When those transferred dollars have been returned to your circle of wealth, some of them may be used to enhance your lifestyle, while others may be added to your accumulated money to build future wealth. Private Financing is a strategy that lets you build wealth while making purchases for your lifestyle. Buy a car-build your wealth! Buy furniture-build your wealth! Pay for college-build your wealth!

Do what banks do

The core business of banks is lending, and they have been very successful and profitable with it. Perhaps, we could learn a thing or two from their business model. After all, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! Banks pull in money from depositors, paying them a small amount of interest for the use of their funds. They then loan out those funds to borrowers at a higher rate of interest, profiting from the spread. Money on deposit at banks is a liability on the books of the bank. It represents debt that must be repaid to the depositors with interest. Loans that banks have issued to borrowers are assets on the books of the banks. They will be repaid with (higher) interest. Thus, banks convert liabilities into assets! Private financing does the same thing, only you get to be both the saver and borrower! You also get to be both the banker and the bank owner, taking in all the profits! This system allows you to have liquidity, use, and control of your money. You earn interest on your deposits, and you set the interest rate and terms on funds you borrow because you are the banker! In this system you pay yourself interest that otherwise would have gone to an institution, someone else’s bank.

How it works

At the heart of the system is a specially designed, dividend-paying, whole life insurance policy. There are alternatives, but none combines all of the features that make this type of insurance policy uniquely qualified to be the most efficient tool. The policy serves as a place to store the ever-increasing pool of capital you will use for your financing system. That capital is available anytime you want it, for whatever purpose you desire, at a relatively low interest rate. (We can’t duplicate all the advantages that banks enjoy!) The process is as simple as making a phone call, then waiting for the check to arrive in your mailbox, or your electronic transfer. There are no applications or qualifications. You set the repayment terms. Defer a payment, or skip several months. No one will come after you for a payment. Choose the interest rate, as long as it is equal to or greater than the cost of funds to the insurance company. After all, you are repaying it to yourself. Would you short-change yourself? As you replenish your pool of capital, you will be able to borrow again for any purpose. The faster you do this, the more interest accumulates in your system. This is called maximizing the interest velocity in your system. The biggest benefit is that you are putting capital back into your system, rather than enriching someone else’s bank. One common use for this system is to pay off credit card balances, then continue to make the same payments into your system. That way you earn the interest the financial institutions would have earned from you, and, in the process, you transform debt into wealth! This alone could mean a difference of 36% or more cash flow per year, depending on the rates on your cards.

Another use is to finance the purchase or replacement of your cars or trucks. Please see the 2-part videos for how this could dramatically change your fortunes. The uses for this system are as wide and varied as your imagination. Call Sage Wealth Solutions at 661-949-8477 to see how this could benefit you.




Money is constantly at work-24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does not sleep, it doesn’t take vacations, and it never calls in sick. The question is, “Is your money working for you, or is it working for someone else?”