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Here is a small sampling of the more than 1,000 testimonials received on this program.

"In the first 6 months using the software, we were able to eliminate almost $60,000 of interest and we are on track to be debt-free in 10 years! We love the hope that the program has provided us and feel very blessed. Because it is working so well for us, we now want to share the hope." - Steve W.

"I cannot tell you how excited I am heading toward paying off our mortgage and our 2nd mortgage in less than 5 years. Light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you for such a wonderful program!!!" - Carrie T.

"We think this is the smartest move we have ever made. We were looking at 29 years and now we have less than 6 years. We can't understand anyone not wanting to use the program." - Warren & Nancy G.

"This software has put my finances on auto pilot. I no longer have to worry about where I'm getting the money from to pay my bills. I no longer worry about paying TOO much on any given debt, only to fall short at the end of the month. This software is awesome." - Jason E.

"This is such a wonderful Godsend! I will now be able to pay off my house and send my son to college." - Jo Ann M.

"Our trainer did an exceptional job of explaining the product, helping me set-up my account, and answer lots of questions as I proceeded with the program. The Trainer (Michael S.) and Client Support Personnel (Kayla M.) have been exceptional in their dealings with me--patient, kind, knowledgeable and willing to explain and re-explain when needed. I'm sooo glad I chose this financial product at a time when I needed help. It has relieved a lot of stress and pressure. Thanks for making this available to the average person on the street." - Diane S. G.

"I have already paid off my home mortgage. I am now using your program on a commercial building and have paid it down 1/3 of the original amount. This is the second time I have used your services." - Dwight & Pat W.

"This is a wonderful product. Wish I'd known about it 10 years ago and my house would be paid off by now." - Joe F.

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