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Worth Account


Revolutionize the Way You Manage Your Finances!

The Worth Account™ is an online personal financial system, created to get consumers out of debt in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the regular time, and build substantial cash reserves in your savings/investment accounts.

The Worth Account™ pulls all of your financial accounts into one central location, and uses advanced banking strategies to analyze the fastest, most effective financial strategies to eliminate your debt, and build up cash reserves. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Worth Account™ is working with one goal in mind, to get you ahead financially as quickly as possible. Watch Jill and Cathy compare their mortgages.

What could 20 years of cancelled debt payments mean to you? Would you start a business? Give more to your church or charitable organizations? Build your retirement accounts? Take bigger vacations more often? Invest in real estate? The Worth Account is programmed to quickly eliminate debt and build wealth. Working behind the scenes, it analyzes every aspect of your financial situation to maximize your cash flow, pay off your debt in record time, and build substantial cash reserves. There is no requirement to refinance, and no change to your current budget! Just log in for 10-15 minutes a week and follow the prompts to be debt-free in 1/3-1/2 the scheduled time.

GPS.PNGJust as a navigational GPS gives you step-by-step directions for reaching your destination in the shortest time possible, the Worth Account acts as a “financial GPS” mapping out the fastest way to pay off all your debts, create an emergency fund, and build savings. When you miss a turn, or life events get in the way, the Worth Account re-calculates the fastest way from your present situation to zero debt. It even includes live, personal coaching! Contact us today for your free, no obligation analysis to see what the Worth Account can do for you. After all, all you have to lose is years off your debt!

Click below to view a 19-minute video of the Worth Account in action.